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Who should use the Catalog API 

This service is only available to customer who provided the complete sets of document required for an account opening on Byzancia.

It was mainly designed for ecommerce client but can also be useful to feed your ERP if you are a retailer.

Be aware that this service while not complex still require a minimum of technical knowledge and we advise you to check first on our catalog page for the CSV price list as it already provide a large set of information most customer need.

you can find it on our Price list at the top right of the page : 

Price List preview











What is Byzancia Catalog API 


An API  (Application Programming Interface) is an electronic service which aim at allowing two system to communicate information in a structured manner. 

In the case of an ecommerce website catalog, the API  is an interface that will allow your IT team to get our product catalog with the information and format that you need. 

So for instance, if you're selling some iphones directly to customers in Belgium and Spain, you might be interested in knowing the availability and price to deliver a single piece to iphone in one or the other country. 

In addition to that you would like to display our product picture in your catalog without having to find every pictures, and you use magento and prestashop so ideally an import in XML format would make your life easier. 

Making your life easier is  exactly what we are trying to achieve with our API. 



How can you connect to the API. 

You will find in your account an API key (or authentification_token)  that is mandatory to interact with the API Service.  

Go to > Your account > Account Informations 

and at the bottom of the page you should see API Key 


This will be used for every query you might send to the API. 


What information can I get through the catalog API

You will always get some core data about our catalog

but you can get extra info depending  on the number of parameter you will provide in you queries but we are able to provide you with following list of attribute

product_reference A unique ID for our product
reference SKU 
ean the ean of the product
name Name in english of the product
product_type The product category / type 
brand Brand of the product 
stock our current level of stock. 
weight The weight of the packaged product 
image A 300x300 pixel picture of the product 
image_thumbnail A 90x90 pixel thumbnail of the product
price_without_vat The selling price of the product without transportation
shipping_METHOD_CC2_cost The delivery cost in euro and the average delivery delay in hour  for 1 unit given a Method DHL or Colissimo  (as of september 2017 colissimo has been suspended due to unsatisfactory services provided in some specific countries.  We might reenable it but on only for certain destination where local partner ensure a good level of service)  and the country of destination (CC2). You can get as many different destination and Method of delivery as you want thanks to the mix of query parameter country_cc2 & shipping_method_code



API Query Parameter

All the parameter will need to be added to the API url : 


here is a list of the query parameter currently supported

Query parameter Required Function
authentification_token Mandatory your API key 
return_format Mandatory the format you want the result to be returned
country_cc2[] Optional the country for which you want transport prices
shipping_method_code[] Optional the delivery method for which you want transport prices
product_reference[] Optional the specific productid you want the  catalog to return result for



authentification_token (or Api Key) 

This is mandatory to launch any query and can be found in your account

So if  your api key is 123myapikey 

the API url should be 





we accept the following mandatory value : 

  • xml 
  • csv
  • json

if you prefer XML format you should add the following query parameter : 




This query parameter is optional

It is only necessary if you want to obtain the delivery cost per country.

You can specify the country with a CC2 code.

This query is not mandatory, unless you want the catalog API to return a shipping cost.

Value Accepted :

Country CC2
Austria AT
Belgium BE
Bulgaria BG
Croatia HR
Cyprus CY
Czech Republic CZ
Denmark DK
Estonia EE
Finland FI
Germany DE
Greece GR
Hungary HU
Ireland IE
Italy IT
Latvia LV
Lithuania LT
Luxembourg LU
Malta MT
Poland PL
Portugal PT
Romania RO
Slovakia SK
Slovenia SI
Spain ES
Sweden SE
The Netherlands NL
United Kingdom GB

























A simple query to know the cost of delivery to Germany (DE)  can be done by adding  country_cc2[]=DE


In case you want to know the delivery cost for multiple country at a time, it 's also possible to  request multiple  country_cc2 code at once

Let's say you want what it would cost you to ship a product to Spain (ES) or Italy  (IT) you can add this query parameter twice. 





This query parameter is optional

If you already use our batch order process you already know that we offer 2 shipping option. 

DHL for express shipping and Colissimo for cheaper traditional Postal Service (as of september 2017 colissimo has been suspended due to unsatisfactory services provided in some specific countries.  We might reenable it but on only for certain destination where local partner ensure a good level of service) . 

Therefore you need to specify which method you want the price of transportation for.

2 values are accepted (beware they are in capital letters) 

  • DHL
  • COLISSIMO (as of september 2017 colissimo has been suspended due to unsatisfactory services provided in some specific countries.  We might reenable it but on only for certain destination where local partner ensure a good level of service)

Let's say you want the cost of  transportation for Romania (RO) using DHL services : 






This query parameter is optional

if you want to get some price infos for only a single product and don't want to have to parse the entire catalog you can specif y the product of your choice 

lets say you are only interested in getting the price for product with ID 1234 



Any question : please shoot us an email at contact@byzancia.com